Ride Cycle Studio Instructors - Sarasota, FL



Our instructor team all have their own style, music taste, and energy curated to inspire you to RIDE. The instructor team will push you past your limits and help you have a sweaty, strength building, high-energy experience!



About Ari

Ari has been teaching and running indoor cycling studios all over the world for several years; beginning her career in NYC, taking an international teaching position in Singapore, and most recently bringing her big city energy to Sarasota, FL. As RIDE’s owner, it is her number one goal to not only help riders reach their highest potential through physical and emotional connection, but also her own. She wants to see every rider walk out of their ride feeling even stronger then when they walked in by creating a very strong sense of community. Heavy, motivating beats, followed by breathless moments that challenge your mind, are what make RIDE’s with Ari less of a class, and more of an experience!



About Emily

Emily was born in Hawaii and brings all the vibes to her ride. With a background in competitive swimming and running, staying active has always been a priority in her life. As she fell in love with indoor cycling, she found a natural connection to the athletic mindset it takes to push her class past its limits. Emily plays a vast variety of music that provides banging energy to all her sprints, in and out of the saddle. Emily is always reliable in guiding you through 45 minutes of exhilarating sweat! 



About Tori

While Tori spends her days educating her students, she spends her off time in the RIDE bike room bringing the heat! Tori’s love for cycling started as a rider and grew into her transition into an instructor. She brings a unique vibe to class; pushing you to your limits and reminding you of your worth! She is so excited to be part of the RIDE Team!



About Taylor

Taylor was born and raised in the rustic forests of Northern California; she is an outdoor lover! She has a passion for travel and hasn’t been in one spot for too long until making Florida her home. Her love for fitness and working out started young, growing up with brothers that brought out her competitive side at home but especially through sports. Staying active is a key building block in Taylor’s foundation. She is about as funny as they come and you’re sure to leave her classes laughing with a positive outlook on the day ahead! Taylor is so excited to spread her contagious joy at RIDE!



About Amanda

Amanda has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years, mostly focusing on managing large gyms and boutique fitness studios. Her love for indoor cycling began in 2013, but it was in 2020, after a 5-year hiatus spent running, where she became addicted to the thrill of being on a bike again. Amanda’s a firm believer that fitness can be the best outlet for life’s daily stressors. Her goal is for everyone to leave class feeling empowered and ready to take on whatever their day can throw at them, or leave behind what has already been thrown! Amanda is so excited to be a part of the RIDE Team!



About Jenn

Jenn is freshly graduated from USF and ready to begin her journey as an indoor cycling instructor for RIDE! Indoor cycling has made a huge and positive impact on Jenn’s mental and physical health, encouraging her to want to share that passion with a room full of people! Her favorite part is the way the beat based workout compliments the music, taking the experience to an entirely new level. Music is one of Jenn’s biggest passions and she can’t wait to share her energy with our riders!



About Kelly

Kelly moved to Sarasota a few years ago, most recently from Miami. She uses her 25+ years of cycling instructor experience to create a high-energy, empowering, and inspirational vibe. She truly believes each class can offer people tools to live life to its fullest. Her goal is to challenge you and to help you find your strongest self. By joining the RIDE fam, she is excited to share her love of movement and to build an amazing community!


Experience an invigorating fitness class that challenges different level riders and their individual goals. RIDE combines an international and urban atmosphere to bring a state-of-the-art studio to downtown Sarasota


Mon – Thurs | 6a – 7:30p

Fri | 6a – 6:30p

Sat – Sun | 8a – 11a